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By Paul Bretschneider

The subject of hell is one few people would write about, and a subject not too popular in this modern age. However, hell is a real place with real flames and real eternal torment. It is a doctrine much more defined and taught in the Scriptures than heaven. The purpose of the author in writing this book was twofold. One, to warn sinners of the reality of hell. Two, to burden Christians to tell others about Christ so they will not end up in hell.

Chapter 1 - How is the word Hell used in the scriptures and what other words are used in the scriptures to describe hell?
Chapter 2 - Misconceptions About Hell
Chapter 3 - Where is Hell Located?
Chapter 4 - Popular Misconceptions about Satan
Chapter 5 - The Nature of the Occupants of Hell
Chapter 6 - The Tortures of Hell Described
Chapter 7 - Why Do Some People Go to Hell?
Chapter 8 - How To Escape Hell
Chapter 9 - Things That Accompany Salvation

ISBN 0866451269


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