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Our Church Life

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By J.M. Frost

You will not find a better book written concerning membership in a Baptist church. Some of the topics covered are: what a church stands for; the church and its one book; the church and its ordinances; how the denominations came; why join the church; church life and church loyalty; and others.

1. What a Church Stands For
2. The Church In the Thought Of God
3. The Church of God at Corinth
4. The Church and Its One Book
5. The Church and Its Ordinances
6. How the Denominations Came
7. The Confession of Faith
8. Why Join the Church
9. Why Join the Baptist Church
10. The Church and Its Public Services
11. Your Membership In The Church
12. The Church and the Commonwealth
13. Church Life and Church Loyalty 14. The Enrichment of Church Life

Paperback; 141 pages

ISBN 0866451137


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