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Authentic Christianity - The Original Historic Christian Faith

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by Gordon Silcox

Today in our world there is much to doubt - confusion and misunderstanding by so many about what Christianity really is. There are, in spite of the naysayers, those who really desire to know the truth about The Faith once delivered to the Saints. It is obvious that the doubt, confusion and lack of understanding have been created by many factors down through history.

A deepening apostasy among the churches has created many religions, cults, and practices that have produced a maze of confusion, perplexity, and uncertainty. Yet, the authentic Christian faith has not failed and is still alive and well. Our Lord promised its perpetuity in the churches He would build.

This book sets forth the doctrines and practices in God's Word concerning Christianity and will help others seek the Truth about Biblical faith.

An excellent source for witnessing and training others to always have an answer!

47 page booklet
ISBN 9780866452441

Also available on Kindle - Authentic Christianity


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