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A Pure Church - A Biblical Theology of Ecclesiastical Separation - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from Mt. Zion Baptist Church

A Pure Church - A Biblical Theology of Ecclesiastical Separation

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by Michael Custer, Dave Mallinak, Erich McCandless, Bobby Mitchell, Thomas Smith, David Sutton, and Gary Webb...Kent Brandenburg, editor

No other attribute of God may be as significant as His holiness. The angels in His heavenly presence do not sing, "Mighty, mighty, mighty" or "Loving, loving, loving." They proclaim before Him, "Holy, holy, holy" (Is 6:3; Rev 4:8). The root meaning of "holy" is "separation." God is a separatist. And He commands, "be ye holy; for I am holy" (1 Pet 1:16). God is holy, and He demands absolute holiness in His presence. He expects separation from His people. Yet today, there seems to be less holiness than ever and very little emphasis on separation in most churches. Not much is written about separation despite the crying need for it. A Pure Church can and will help churches and their leaders fill a missing understanding in the doctrine of ecclesiastical separation. Jesus wants a pure church. His holy nature demands it. But how does God's Word teach that this is to take place? A Pure Church will answer this question and others with a careful and thorough examination of the passages that deal with the subject of separation and what they teach.

Paperback; 320 pages
ISBN 978-0974381725


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