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Forgiveness - "I Just Can't Forgive Myself!" (Booklet)

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By Robert D. Jones

"Resources for Changing Lives" Series

Please note that the scripture references may not all be from the King James Bible, however, the booklets are packed full of good counsel in addressing the many different issues they cover.

Sally, a Christian, laments having an abortion years ago. 'I know the Lord has forgiven me, but I just can?t forgive myself.? What would you say to her? Maybe you yourself have struggled with 'self-forgiveness? and wonder how to deal with feelings of guilt. Why is self-forgiveness such an attractive notion? What, if anything, does the Bible say about it? Robert D. Jones identifies five possible assumptions behind the longing for self-forgiveness. In the process, he pinpoints a deeper problem-and a deeper solution to ongoing guilt. By dispelling a number of misconceptions, Jones clears the path to a joyful realization of complete forgiveness in Christ.

17 page booklet

ISBN 0875526780


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