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Homosexuality - Speaking the Truth In Love (Booklet)

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by Edward T. Welch

"Resources for Changing Lives" Series

Please note that the scripture references may not all be from the King James Bible, however, the booklets are packed full of good counsel in addressing the many different issues they cover.

"Homosexuality is the hot issue of the day," says Edward T. Welch in this booklet. Even more than abortion, it will confront the church throughout this generation, forcing us to listen, study, and respond wisely.? How can we answer claims that the Bible does not prohibit committed homosexual relationships? Or that science proves that homosexuality is genetic, not a chosen lifestyle? Welch supplies us with timely biblical and biological insight into homosexuality. Just as importantly, he calls us to examine our attitudes in order to minister to homosexuals truthfully, compassionately, humbly, and persuasively.

40 page booklet

ISBN 0875526837


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