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Keeping the Kids

Keeping the Kids

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by David Cloud

This book aims to help parents and churches raise children to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to avoid the pitfalls of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Statistics show that a frightening percentage of children that grow up in Bible-believing churches drop out when they reach adolescence. They either go full-fledged into the world, or they remain on the periphery of church life, or they join a contemporary church that essentially promises them they can have Christ and the world, too. We are convinced that this does not have to happen, because God has given promises in His Word about child training, but winning the battle is not easy and requires complete dedication by the parents.

The book is a collaborative effort. It contains testimonies from hundreds of individuals who provided feedback to our questionnaires on this subject, as well as powerful ideas gleaned from interviews with pastors, missionaries, and church people who have raised godly children.

It's packed with practical suggestions and deals with an extensive number of issues: Conversion, the husband-wife relationship, the necessity of permeating the home with Christian love, mothers as keepers at home, the father's essential role as the spiritual head of the home, child discipline, separation from the pop culture, discipleship of youth, the grandparents' role in keeping the kids, effectual prayer, and fasting.

Can We Keep the Kids?
The Home: Consistent Christian Living
The Home: The Husband-Wife Relationship
Child Discipline
The Church
Separation from the Pop Culture
The Grandparents
What if the Kids Are Already Rebellious?
Candor, God's Grace, and the Power of Prayer
Ten Tips for Daily Bible Reading
How to Lose Your Child Before He Is Five
A Checklist for Keeping the Kids

Paperback; 531 pages


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