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Landmarks Of Expository Bible Teaching (Revised Edition)

Landmarks Of Expository Bible Teaching (Revised Edition)

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by: Robert J. Sargent


This comprehensive course of study is designed to help teach the student to become a proficient and effective teacher of the Word of God. It is divided into five sections, each of which can be taught separately or as one complete course. 

 The five units are: 

  1. Approaching the Bible — a review of the doctrine of the scriptures. 
  2. Interpreting the Bible — a study in the history, laws, and application of Biblical hermeneutics. 
  3. Studying the Bible — presenting the synthetic, analytic, and alternate methods of Bible study. 
  4. Outlining the Bible — teaching proper methods of preparing a useful Bible study. 
  5. Expounding the Bible — surveying techniques of teaching and public speaking. 

 The manual comes complete with study questions and practical assignments and includes a teaching evaluation guide. 

 344 pages (8½" X 11") 



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