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Shipwrecked On Pleasure Island (CD) - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from MAJESTY MUSIC, INC.

Shipwrecked On Pleasure Island (CD)

$ 13.00

Patch the Pirate Adventure

If Captain Patch and his crew have to be stranded for a time while they repair the Jolly Roger, what better place to be than Pleasure Island? Coco, Poco, and Loco are the friendliest hosts, and they have all the lemonade and chocolate your tummy can hold. Best of all are the mountain-tall water slide and the giant human sling shots! Perhaps it does seem a little strange that the beds are all in cages and that things keep turning up missing from the ship-and what is that strange looking ship sailing around the other side of the island? If the crew is to escape in time, they will have to count on Sissy Seagull's wits, and the power of the Lord.

Songs include:
The True-Blue Crew
When the Waves Roll High
Shadows of Pleasure Island
One Little Sparrow
Candy Time
Killin' Time
I'm on the Rock
God's Night Light
Liar! Liar!
Food Fight
Lay Up Your Treasure
Keep on Pluggin' Away
Only Two Choices


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