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The Holy Godhead

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by James Carlin

The Design of this Volume: Readers are invited to view a concise, yet limited presentation of the work and blessings of The One True God; manifested in the Person of God The Father, The Person of God The Son and The Person of God The Holy Spirit. The miraculous events shown throughout this volume succinctly threads 86 different passages of scripture across 15 topics to see this Holy God at work now in your life and in the lives of every human being. These scriptures come from the Holy Bible - God's eternal word which lives and abides forever.

The reader is taken from pre-existent eternity into the beginning of human existence - eternity present; through final earthly events in to eternity's future. What a series of events, the Godhead has activated in the past; activates in these present days; and will activate in the day of the Lord! The desire is that each of us will be reminded in this brief, yet concise volume, of the total basis of our present and future state of affairs. May we now bring to conscious mind and be aware of actions coming soon until Time shall be no more. Now is the time to prepare to meet thy GOD!

Some of the topics covered in this book include:
-Why study the Godhead
-The greatest love of the Godhead for people
-Marvelous interactions among the persons of the Godhead
-How to become related to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
-The divine purpose of the Godhead
-The divine Substitute-Sacrifice-Savior
-The sovereignty of God at work
-The unpardonable sin
-The meaning of TRUST

Paperback; 48 pages

ISBN 9780866452328

Also Available on Kindle - The Holy Godhead


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